WSD Brainstorming Session Results in Potential Goals for 2021

Approximately 15 persons participated in the West Side Dems virtual goal-setting session held during the January 27 WSD meeting. The brainstorming session was the first part of a two-pronged meeting.

The second part was a discussion of the Health Security Act, with Dr. Dana Millen as the speaker.

Facilitator Sue Wolinsky said the main assumption was that pandemic restrictions would probably continue through most of 2021.

The 12 goals suggested so far include:

  • Keep informed of state and national legislative and administrative actions, and make your voice heard.
  • Participate in the upcoming ward, county, and state Democratic Party elections.
  • Register more voters.
  • Find pockets of people we haven’t reached yet. Get our Democratic message out to them.
  • Continue to help our West Side neighbors cope as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
  • Contact our elected officials to let them know when we support their actions, as well as when we ask them to act on specific legislation.
  • Contact legislators whose districts you are not in. Contact members of specific committees holding hearings on issues that are important to you.
  • Think outside the box for new, creatives to hold safe meetings as pandemic restrictions eventually ease up.
  • Run for precinct chair and ward chair positions, to fill the many vacant seats resulting from precinct splits during 2020. Be an example for the rest of the state.
  • Help West Siders to understand the new precinct and ward boundaries, to help identify candidates for the vacant precinct and ward chair seats.
  • Hold a program on the redistributing process to help voters understand it. Identify points of public input. Make your voice heard!
  • Keep up support for the State Bank concept.

TO SUGGEST MORE GOALS, send your ideas to the WSD chair, Kenneth Scott at

The WSD Advisory Group will review and summarize the goals, and report back to members by the end of February. 

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  1. Liz Copeland

    Wow! Great to get this info. One typo: Hold a program on the REDISTRICTING process to help voters understand it.
    Liz Copeland

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