Party to Get Ready for the Precinct/Ward/CCC Elections

Join in the fun! West Side Democrats of Bernalillo County is hosting this event to introduce YOU, our party volunteers, to your candidates for state and county offices. You will have an opportunity to visit with candidates, chat with representatives of the Bern Co. Grassroots Dems Coalition about their election training, and participate in the “My Younger Self” photo contest. (It will be open to everyone.) The festivities include door prizes, cake, and other light snacks

Mark your calendar now for the WSD February 27
Get to Know Your Dem Party Party!

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Building Bridges

Blog Posts by Flora Lucero, Chair of WSD

Flora Lucero is a native New Mexican raised in Albuquerque’s Los Duranes, Old Town area in a home where seeking social justice meant taking political action. Having been reawakened on November 8, 2016, Flora began using her organizing, planning, and training skills with groups such as the Democratic Party of New Mexico and the DPNM Adelante Progressive Caucus to connect the local community with elected officials, candidates, and political information.

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