New Mexico’s Primary Election is scheduled for June 2, 2020. Any and all New Mexican voters can request an absentee ballot.

Here’s some information from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s website:

When? May 5, 2020 is when mailed ballots will be sent to those eligible New Mexico voters who requested them. A mailed ballot must be requested no later than May 28, 2020.

Who? Any eligible New Mexican voter can request an absentee ballot. We have what’s known as a “no-fault” absentee ballot process here in New Mexico which just means that any eligible voter can securely request an absentee ballot.

How? There are two ways to request an absentee ballot. (1) Fill out an absentee ballot request through our online portal here. (2) Contact your County Clerk in person, by phone, by mail, or by email. Contact info for all 33 New Mexico County Clerks can be found on the NM SOS website here.  NOTE: A mailed ballot must be requested no later than May 28, 2020.

Vote by absentee ballot. Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Help Flatten the Curve in New Mexico!


Editor’s Note: As Women’s History Month winds to a close, the DPBC is happy to acknowledge a dynamic organization called Emerge New Mexico and its Executive Director, Dr. Sharmin Dharas. Here, in her own words, is an explanation of Emerge New Mexico’s mission and how Dr. Dharas came to be the new head of the New Mexico affiliate.

Emerge New Mexico

By Dr. Sharmin Dharas

How It All Began.  In 2002, a Democratic woman who wanted to run for office as district attorney in California approached her friend Andrea Dew Steele, a realtor, who had an extensive network and was well-versed in politics within the state. They sat down together in Andrea’s kitchen, went through her Rolodex and started calling their networks to let them know Andrea’s friend was running for office. That night they put a plan together and started to canvass the district. The friend later went on to win her campaign. Her name? Kamala Harris. READ MORE… 


The Governor’s office is working with food banks, food pantries, meal providers, homeless shelters, and advocates across the state to help address food supply and other issues, but the most IMMEDIATE NEED in the community is for volunteers to help package and distribute food.

If you are healthy, do not have health risk factors, have not been under quarantine, and can—please sign up to volunteer. Food banks like Roadrunner Food Bank in ABQ—need people to help package food to get it out to meal sites and smaller food banks across the state.

Pantries in every major community hub in the state also need help boxing food and getting it out. Volunteering to help provide these essential services is permitted under the Public Emergency Health Order and our food banks are following public health guidelines on social distancing.

No evictions in NM - for now

The New Mexico Supreme Court has temporarily barred evictions due to the inability to pay rent during the COVID-19 crisis.

The goal is to prevent people from losing their housing when so many have lost their jobs and income – all at the same time they’re being told to stay home by the governor and public health officials.

Prior to the Court’s decision, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller (D) had already ordered that evictions from all city-owned housing should stop. The statewide halt on evictions will stay in effect until the Court decides for it to be withdrawn.

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2020 Conventions


Wednesday, June 3 — Ward Meetings/delegate elections
Saturday, June 6 — County Post-Primary Convention
Saturday, June 13 — NM Congressional District Conventions
Saturday, June 20 — State Post-Primary Convention

The West Side Forum

Why We Call Congress

This is an important reminder that all of us get to participate in our democracy. Only when we are silent, does our power diminish. These reps and senators work for us! Call them and make sure they know how you feel! – Indivisible Nob Hill