Volunteer Opportunities Available Now

Your time and expertise can bolster the important work of the West Side Dems.

There are volunteer slots where you could begin pitching in right away if your interests, skills, and
availability match the requirements. Each has a link to a form that will let us know about your
background and how to reach you. We promise to respond within two days.

Or, if you want to put your name in for consideration when something else comes up, please complete
the more general volunteer form below.
Thanks, and we look forward to having you on the team.

Positions Available:

Writer/Editor — The team that prepares content for the website is in need of one or more people who can help identify topics to cover, interview people or gather information about the subject, and write it up for use on the site. You’ll work with Communications Chair Ellen Copeland and her team to brainstorm ideas, work them through, and fashion them into top-notch content. Requirements: The ability to write clearly and a keen eye for what site visitors are looking for are important talents, as is the ability to work with the team and stay on deadline.  Time Commitment: Flexible, depending on the interests of the volunteer and agreement within the team on projects and timelines. 

Website Co-Manager — The ongoing work of maintaining and updating the West Side Dems site is now being handled by Ivan Pfeifer. We’re looking for someone willing to learn the ropes of the existing operation and to take on specific ongoing aspects and act as a backup for the overall site when needed.  Requirements: Knowledge of WordPress is a help but not a necessity. The functions of the site are well developed, and the co-manager can learn specific tasks as needed. Time Commitment: Depends on how the volunteer and Ivan decide to share duties but would normally be limited to approximately 4 hours a week. 

Newsletter Co-Producer — The monthly newsletter drives much of the content on the site by pulling together disparate features and announcements into a form that is easily absorbed. You will work with the current producer, Elia Martinez, and the content team to prioritize stories and announcements, pull together text and images and manage other production processes to ensure the issues go out on schedule. 

Express Interest:

If you would like to pitch in another way or be notified when something opens up, please let us know. We will do our best to identify opportunities for you to consider.

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Form for specific jobs:

Expression of Interest for Volunteer Position – West Side Dems

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Click here for the general interest Volunteer Form.