Ready, Set, GO!

Ready, Set, GO!

2020 is upon us, and Democrats across the county are in high gear to prepare for this crucial election year. We need everyone’s involvement to ensure we keep riding the Blue Wave into November.  It will take a LOT of work to accomplish all we want to do locally, statewide, and nationally.  The West Side Democrats are poised to take on the challenge, but we need everyone’s help to achieve the following:


  1. Elect a Democrat to the White House
  2. Re-elect Deb Haaland and Xochtil Torres Small to Congress
  3. Elect a new Democrat for Congressional District 3 (to replace Ben Ray Lujan)
  4. Elect Ben Ray Lujan to U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Tom Udall


  1. Increase Democratic super majority in the state Legislature
  2. Increase the number of Democrats who support the Democratic Party Platform and are less fiscally conservative
  3. Re-elect all of the current Democratic state representatives and legislators
    1. West Side legislators are Senators Linda Lopez and Jacob Candelaria

Representatives Moe Maestas, Joy Garratt, Karen Bash, and Daymon Ely

  1. Replace 2 Republican legislators representing the West Side with Democrats
  2. Re-elect Democratic PRC members


  1. Elect a Democrat to the Bernalillo County Commission to replace the lone Republican
  2. Re-elect all Democratic County office holders (Treasurer, Clerk, Assessor, etc.)

These may seem like lofty goals, but with the enthusiasm of unified Democrats across the county, I am confident we will prevail throughout the year and sail into November riding the Blue Wave!

With gratitude,
Ellen Coplen