Post-Inauguration Thoughts

I had a sigh of relief after watching the inauguration and the oath of office. After the horrendous attacks on January 6th, I really did not know what to expect. My fear, however, turned to hope and optimism as I watched Amanda Gorman’s poem. If you have not seen it yet, please do.

I had several takeaways from her poem, but today I want to focus on two: first, the power (and fragility) of democracy, and secondly our path through history in forming a country with purpose. Those two themes are important to the west side Dems now.

Democracy is without a doubt a contact sport. You must get involved.  There are ward meetings coming up soon, starting on February 13th. Additionally, we have several openings on the west side forward and precinct chairs. You are needed. Please consider signing up for your meeting and possibly running for either ward or precinct chair. 

To run as a precinct or ward chair, please fill out the form at least two days BEFORE your ward meeting:

To just be an elector/voter, please use this link:

Please visit for more information.

Secondly, we are at the beginning of black history month. There are several events happening across Albuquerque. I urge you to get engaged in the community this month to not only learn more about black history but also to engage with some of our very own leaders here.  This is precisely how we will build bridges that can withstand anything.

Doing both will allow us to build a country with purpose. Please do your part.

Kenneth Scott

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