On Saturday, March 23, Democrats across Bernalillo County attended Ward Meetings and participated in the first phase of electing 2019-2021 leadership for the Democratic Party of New Mexico. My friends, 2020 is coming and the leaders elected Saturday will be working the frontlines as we march toward this important election. Thank you, each and every person who attended or participated in absentia. Thank you to Bill and Millie Peifer for the MANY hours of work that went into preparing for the Ward Meetings and for the many more hours that will go into preparing for the April 6 County Central Committee Meeting. Thank you to Cheryl Harris for helping numerous people understand the election process and prepare for it. Thank you to all the leaders who were elected as Ward and Precinct Chairs. Your service to our community is essential and valued.

Many hands make light work, and, Saturday, some serious work went into building the bridge to an inclusive representative democracy.

Yours in service and gratitude,