Since 2012, the U.S. has celebrated National Voter Registration Day on the fourth Tuesday of every September.  In 2018, the holiday fell on September 25 and the campaign aimed to register 300,000 people. Much to everyone’s surprise, more than 865,000 people registered to vote on the national holiday, exceeding all goals and predictions and setting a record.
Can we surpass last year’s milestone?   Yes, we can.  How can you help with this crucial goal? 

  • The Democratic Party of Bernalillo County (DPBC) and our own Flora Lucero have issued a Ward Voter Registration Challenge for the month of September. This is an opportunity for Wards to boost voter registration numbers during this season of organizing, so we can be well positioned to have Blue tsunami in 2020 (details in this newsletter).  If you don’t know your Ward, go to This is also a great opportunity to update your address in the voter database. 
  • Can you make a commitment to register at least one person to vote on September 24?  Watch for announcements on how to participate and help out.  Or, find a friend and head to a park and find someone who needs to register.  You can even help them do this on their phone. 
  • Get involved in registering area high school students to vote.  Youth voting in 2020 can change the course of history.  But first we need to get them registered, so they CAN vote.  Contact Judy Rosenstein at who is spearheading this effort for the DPBC.

Registering voters is the first step toward taking back our democracy. Educating voters about the candidates and issues that affect them is the next step. Getting voters engaged in the process of organizing at the grass roots level is what creates the foundation for the future.And finally, giving voters a reason to go to the polls is what will make the difference for a lifetime. Let’s make history!
Somewhere inside of us all is the power to change the world.” –Roald Dahl