Democracy is Not for the Few

Fellow Citizens,

Democracy is not for the few; it is for all of us. And this is a day we have worked for.

In 2018 we heard from, worked for, and elected Democrats who represent our values. On the campaign trail, candidates for state public offices talked about issues such as early childhood education, educational reform, criminal justice reform, healthcare, women’s reproductive health and choice, and renewable energy. Over the last two months, they’ve been crafting legislation addressing those and other important issues. Now, as we welcome 2019, our state lawmakers will put forward that legislation, and work on moving us toward a more just and equitable Democracy. Yes, this is a moment of progress.

From January 15 to March 16, 2019, the New Mexico State Legislature convenes for a session during which they will negotiate and pass laws reflecting our core values  There is much work to be done and much to be learned. In the midst of their busy schedules, our lawmakers are reaching out to connect us with their efforts and intentions through town halls taking place in the days and weeks to come. Further, West Side Democrats, in coalition with other Democratic organizations, is hosting the 2019 Legislative Action Expo where, in addition to hearing about the upcoming session from representatives Moe Maestas, Day Hochman Vigil, and Liz Thompson, many organizations will be tabling and helping you connect with issues on bills you care about.

Indeed, this is a day which we have worked for. We are building the bridge to an inclusive representative democracy while crossing it.