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West Side Legislators Advocate for Common Sense Gun Safety,
Support for Schools, and Paid Legislature

By Ellen Coplen

In their first in-person Legislative Town Hall since the COVID pandemic, Representative. Joy Garratt, HD 29 and Senator Harold Pope, Jr., SD 10, encouraged their constituents to contact them directly and said they rely on members of their districts to help them resolve problems and advocate for issues that impact their lives.  

“I’m always so moved when people come to these events,” said Rep. Garratt.  “We are here to report, but we also want to hear from you what’s important. If you have issues that you feel aren’t being addressed, we want to hear from you.”

Sen. Pope reiterated the sentiment. “The best legislation is going to come from you,” he said, explaining that the legislative sessions are a small part of the work that they do.  “Constituent services are a big piece of our role throughout the year. That’s our main job — to help you.”

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Redistricting on the West Side Brings New Opportunities for Democrats
The NM State Legislature changed State House Districts on the West side to account for changes in the 2020 census. As a result, opportunities have opened up for a slate of new Democratic candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring to represent the West Side — the state’s largest growing area — in the state legislature.
The West Side Dems will host a candidate forum on April 23 with the candidates from the districts below who are facing primary challengers.
Stay tuned for details!
Here are the candidates who filed for candidacy for the House of Representatives on
March 8. For a map of the districts, click here
House District 12
Melissa D. Armijo
Nicole Michelle Olonovich
Art De La Cruz
House District 13
Patricia Roybal Caballero*
House District 14
Miguel P. Garcia*
House District 16
Antonio “Moe” Maestas*
House District 17
Cynthia Borrego
Darrell Deaguero
House District 26
Eleanor Chavez
Cherise D. Quezada
House District 29
Joy Garratt*
House District 68
Charlotte Little
* Denotes incumbent

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