The Life of the Party

…for the letter kills but the Spirit gives life. 2 Corinthians 3:6


On March 23, 2019, our local Democratic Party starts its biennial process of electing Party leadership. Two years ago, in 2017, hundreds of people in Bernalillo County participated in the same process. People like you and I attended Ward, County Central Committee, and State Central Committee meetings to elect leaders at every level from Precinct to the State Chair, and all the committees and positions in between. And after those elections, we got to work.


Fast forward a year and a half, when the 2018 Midterm elections loomed large and an army of volunteers rose up and walked door to door visiting with community members and stirring up a beautiful Blue Wave. Some volunteers were precinct and ward chairs and many were not, but I imagine all were compelled by a desire for change. You see, the structure of the Democratic Party did not create the Blue Wave; the structure in and of itself has no life. But when people working within the Party push collectively, yes, then we see movement; then we experience a beautiful Blue Wave.


So as we approach the Party elections, let’s see the Democratic Party for what it is: it is lifeless without you. Without you, and me, and others like you and me, the Party is nothing but rules. However, on March 23, when we walk into our Ward elections, that is when the Party comes to life.


We are building the bridge to an inclusive vibrant Democratic Party while crossing it.


Yours in Spirit and service,