WHAT: Vote November 7, 2023, to elect APS school board members who reflect OUR Democratic values.

HOW:  Learn about the candidates / Choose YOUR candidate / Help them to get elected.


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Why Is this APS Board Election Important?

  • Many school board members do NOT reflect our Democratic values.
  • Right-wing groups have already infiltrated our school boards in NM.
  • Parents are worried about our kids being safe in schools.
  • Our public schools usually rank near the last of US public schools.

The new school board will appoint the new superintendent in 2024.


Which West Side APS Districts Have Elections this Year?

Three of the seven APS districts have elections this year; two elections are on the West Side. (Other district seats get elected in other years):

  • District 1 – covering most of the South Valley
  • District 2 – covering most of the Northwest Side


Is My District Electing a Board Member this Year?

It may be. To find out if you are in District 1 or 2, click here APS Schools by School Board District — Albuquerque Public Schools. Each district is described by the schools within it, a detailed list of street boundaries, and a map.


Limitations of this Special Section

  • Firstly, the APS board election is nonpartisan; candidates do not declare their political party when running and no political parties are identified on the ballot. Candidates can profess a party affiliation if they so choose. Voters can inquire about a candidate’s political party, if they choose.
  • Secondly, West Side Dems does not endorse any candidate if more than one registered Democrat is running. So this section gives you information about the self-proclaimed Democrats who are running in these 2 APS districts.
  • Thirdly, the three APS board candidates on the west side who identify as Democrats have participated in our West Side Dems APS School Board Candidates Forum in July, before the August 28 filing deadline. All three professed many Democratic values at the forum. Click here for details WSD Meeting July 24, 2023 – YouTube. Each of the three also responded to the West Side Dems request for their campaign information and are included in this special section.


Which West Side Candidates Reflect Our Values?

Each candidate’s name is listed here exactly as identified on the NM Secretary of State website. You may see slight variations in their names in various media during the election. Always refer to their names as they appear on the ballot.

  • District 1. The incumbent is not running. Janelle Jaime Astorga and Robert T Trujillo are two Democrats who are running. Their opponents are identified in the District 1 candidate profiles.
  • District 2. Three candidates are running. All reside in Wards 29A and 29B. The incumbent is running for re-election. Democrat Ronalda Tome-Warito, who participated in the WSD July forum, is running. Her opponents are identified in the District 2 candidate profile.


How Can I Help?

  • Check out the weekly GET OUT THE VOTE events for each candidate!
  • Sign up to get date, time, and location of each GET OUT THE VOTE event.
  • They can’t do it without us!


CandidateAPS districtEventsHOW TO VOLUNTEER
Janelle Jaime AstorgaDistrict1Door-Knock with us!
Every Saturday -- 9am
Alamosa Park, 1100 Bataan Dr SW
Sign up to volunteer
Robert T TrujilloDistrict1STARTING SATURDAY, SEPT 9
• canvass every Saturday and Sunday
• phone bank with the
Albuquerque Teachers Federation
Sign up to volunteer
Ronalda Tome-WaritoDistrict 2STARTING SATURDAY, SEPT. 9
Weekly canvassing on Saturday mornings
Weekly phone banking on Thursday evenings
Sign up to volunteer