ABQ City Council Hearing on
Ranked Choice Voting

Monday, June 3rd, 5:00 pm

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**Attend the hearing this Monday**

Hi All,

I just spoke with Councilor Benton. He told me that yesterday the council had a special meeting to discuss the budget. It was exclusively about budget. 

HOWEVER, Councilor Harris pulled a move and was able to get his own bill (the one calling to put the question to the voters) out of his own committee (Finance), so that it will be heard in front of the full council this coming Monday, June 3rd. This bill won’t get a vote on June 3rd, but will get a hearing. We need to be there!

Councilor Benton tried to do the same with our bill, but he got voted down. 

The best thing we can do is show up to council on Monday June 3rd to speak against this move. Additionally, any calls or emails we can generate before the council meeting would be good too.

The main points to be made:

  1. The state allows for the council to make this decision, it doesn’t need to go to the voters.
  2. Voters already made this decision, back in 2013 when they decided they wanted runoff elections with majority winners. 
  3. And this may be the most important point. That putting this question to the voters takes away the power of the council to address any tweaks that may be needed moving forward, assuming the voters will approve. If this goes to the voters and the voters approve, the council would have to put ANY changes needed to the language back to the voters. 

Please let me know if you are able to attend the council meeting this coming Monday. It starts at 5 pm. 

Now it is not clear what the strategy is for our bill on June 10th. It all depends on what the council does with Harris’s bill on June 3rd.

Maria Perez
Campaigns Manager
Common Cause New Mexico
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